Upload Files to Spectrum Plus

  • Use the Spectrum Plus FTP site to transfer files that are too large to transfer as e-mail attachments. Connections to our FTP server can be made through your browser or with FTP client software.
  • To obtain a log-in ID and password, please contact us via telephone at (973) 638-1720, ext. 204, or  e-mail. We will create a folder specifically for your company's files.
  • After logging in to the FTP site, files can be transferred from Windows Explorer to the FTP site via
    “drag & drop” or “copy & paste" techniques.
  • For security purposes, please note that you will not be able to delete or remove files from the site once they are uploaded. Should you submit a file in error, or need to submit a revised file, please upload the correct file and advise us by phone or e-mail which file should be used. We will delete the incorrect file.

  Digital File Submission Guidelines

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